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2 years ago#11
Yeah like I said, I understand how the leavers % can be diluted or concentrated in certain skill brackets.

That number just seems low. If it's true and I'm wrong, so it be it.
2 years ago#12
The higher you go the less leavers you will see. ARAM, Dominion and Bronze have the most leavers.
2 years ago#13
To be honest i havent had a leaver in months, much more often it feels like if someone is going to leave they just drophack instead.
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2 years ago#14
I go through awkward bursts, not sure if it's due to server??

Sometimes I have 15 games in a row no leaver.

Then I'll get three games in a row missing at least one person tight from load screen.

Coincidence? Damn I have no clue
signed your enemy,
2 years ago#15
Allow teams to surrender before 20 minutes if any teammate has not moved more than one lane's worth of steps within the first 5 minutes, and the lost LP will be reduced by half.

SImple, effective, not abusable. That took me less than 2 minutes to think up.
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2 years ago#16
I usually have afkers/leavers in like 1 out of 10 games, so yeah please do something about it.
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2 years ago#17
And what would happen, say, in a not too rare occasion that I get firewall errors during the loading and can only connect when the game is starting, causing me to join at 1:15 or so?
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