Champs you play when you're bloodthirsty.

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1 year ago#21
Dinuovo posted...
Vladimir ofc

Go ahead, B-, you'll be just my type.

They call me a drop out.
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1 year ago#22
supershadonic posted...
AP Blitz.

Whenever I feel particularly horrible, I go ap blitz mid. The burst is so real and if you can get them under your turret it's just overkill.

Otherwise, Trist is fun, and for some reason I'm just really good at jayce whenever I hate league in general.
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1 year ago#23
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1 year ago#24
Katarina, my old standby.
1 year ago#25
Xin Zhao.

Because why back when you can just always forward?
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1 year ago#26
Draven..oh wait.
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1 year ago#27
Fear the silence
1 year ago#28
Katarina of course.
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