80% of the games I'm first pick, I win. 70% of the games I am last pick, I lose.

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So you played like 5 games as first pick and 10 as last pick?
Great sample size.
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it's k they're visually reworking the client
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IndianaJones65 posted...
it's k they're visually reworking the client

We really feel like changing it will separate the good client users from the great client users.
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69% percent of statistics are true
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80% of the time it works every time.
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Nobodycares84 posted...
80% of the time it works every time.

It's science!
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This probably means you need a better champion pool.
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If you're losing 70% of your games when you're last pick, that's probably your fault. Get better at the roles you get stuck with and get better at convincing people to give you what you want.
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42.0% of the time I will make this exact post;
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