What's the most unusual champ you've seen do well in the jungle.

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FishyGoodness12 posted...
AeternaNocturne posted...
We had a couple of trolls try to ruin our game when a friend and I were duoing, two guys insisted they were solo top, so what ended up happening (most of us were already locked, then last pick locked Nasus)

Nasus went top
Brand went bot
Lee sin went mid
Me (twitch) and my duo (Leona) jungled.

We won and I actually went 27-3 lmao. My initial build was 3 Doran's Blades. DAT EFFICIENCY.


No, was back in Gold.
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#22BellerophonZPosted 7/19/2014 11:53:38 AM
Miss Fortune. This mf ran into mid lane all speedy quick and her slow was astonishingly effective in ganks. She never ganked any other lanes but mid was obliterated.
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I just played with a Sion jungle last night ( he wanted to top. I jokingly asked if he could jungle Sion instead and he agreed to it).

Other than that, I've jungled a lot of strange champions. Probably the least expected of all was my jungle Yorick.
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