NB3 has lost 9 out of his last 10 games in Diamond 4

#11TekutsoPosted 7/20/2014 11:07:57 AM
Hes not that great and if you aren't duoing below d1 you subject yourself to randomness.
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#12TwoStrikes94Posted 7/20/2014 11:38:51 AM
i would say eu > NA if it was someone other than nightblue

i dont think anyone can tell you how the man got to challenger in the first place...

there's like 20 topics on this board asking why people watch nightblue, because he always loses
#13LuvashiPosted 7/20/2014 11:42:21 AM
Plat 2 - Low D3 is pretty much the worst of the worst. I can't say how he played in those games, but it's very likely he did things that would've worked if he had teammates who would respond. That's the problem I always have in that rating, people focus too hard on their farm and won't rotate, ever. As a jungler it's incredibly frustrating because you want to make plays but ONLY being able to make plays in lanes will really hold you back, it'll become frustrating, and at that point you may even tilt, even if you're challenger.
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thecrazyfrog posted...
I just don't understand his popularity. He's medicore compare to the other high D1 players, his champion pool consists mostly of top-tier/fotm champions, he suffers emotional frustration far harder than anyone i've ever seen who's highly ranked, his decision making is poor and i've seen him make fun of lower rated players who criticise his decisions because they "couldn't possibly understand". I could list a few more issues too.

Idk really. I'm just gonna assume he can't cope with the pressures of streaming and he's popular because of his voice.

Don't forget that he's fake nice. Off-stream he's a toxic, raging little *****. When ranked was down Trick was playing a NORMAL game and Nightblue started raging at him and calling him bad, and then the moment he realized Trick was streaming he started apologizing and acted like he was joking.

I don't get how he is so popular....at all.
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I love rabia

you also have to remember it's season 4 so it'll take longer to climb by default
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Funny how more than 90% of the board can't even reach Diamond yet talk **** about a guy who has hit challenger and call him bad

Yeah he's annoying af. This game in general shouldn't be as popular as it is, so it only makes sense that a player like him gets more views than he deserves. Maybe he could be the poster boy for this game. He was a TSM sub so he got an astronomical amount more of viewers from that.
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whirlwind24 posted...
He deserves it for being such a tryhard.

It's like the concept that people can have champions they specifically like is a foreign to him.

I take it you didn't see him playing DFG amumu and full AP Elise.
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#18thecrazyfrogPosted 7/20/2014 1:48:51 PM
Funny how more than 90% of the board can't even reach Diamond yet talk **** about a guy who has hit challenger and call him bad

He's good compared to the whole league playerbase.
He's bad/average compared to the people he plays with.