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This is really quite fun...OmniImmortal19/19 6:52PM
Azir's Soldiers randomly stop attackingEmoglobin69/19 6:52PM
ashe's e is replaced with a 5 second cd dash and her ult scales off ad
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lalelulelosop119/19 6:50PM
how would you rate the League of Legends community as a whole overall? (Poll)darkleox89/19 6:38PM
only vlad ranked gamesTheFinalEnigma39/19 6:38PM
What happened to thst girl who used to do the community spotlight?Sharzakenator109/19 6:30PM
Ways to Fix Aram
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Colonel Alloy149/19 6:29PM
Which champion triangle would you like completed next? (Poll)
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SeizureGoat359/19 6:14PM
What if Lucian, Trist, Kog, Vayne and Corki got banned in a World's game?
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bretonftw239/19 6:10PM
This is probably the easiest time I've ever had playing the new champEmoglobin39/19 6:10PM
servers downscott972029/19 6:00PM
New build: Ultra-cs Attack Speed Heimerdinger
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bretonftw139/19 5:53PM
Drophacks in aram? wut?OverlordOfDoom49/19 5:52PM
Alright, admit it. You want All For One URF mode to be a thing.
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fire_bolt389/19 5:39PM
The question isn't if you lift...Metleon49/19 5:33PM
Every champ now has a personal trinket itemBrutal_Felix109/19 5:31PM
What the hell is this I'm watching_HeX39/19 5:27PM
Three straight 1-2 promo losses and 50 LP down... worst slump yet?nissan skyline109/19 5:27PM
What song is played in the starting menu?AmazingAjd79/19 5:15PM
are there any mages that can adc?
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Damaniel389/19 4:56PM