If you had to date a champion of the same gender, who would it be?

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Topic is literally gay. Mods plz.
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ssj4supervegeta posted...
this is just like one of my japanese animes!

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First post aside and just answering the title.

Twisted Fate.
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I take the BBC
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as a Christian:none
as a huge fan of Liam O'brien: yasuo

no kissing or physcial stuff though
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Skystrike70 posted...
Topic is literally gay. Mods plz.

It's hard to explain puns to Kleptomaniacs...

Because they always take things literally.
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TF is rich. I'll go to a nice restaurant then go home.
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Probably Fiora. I mean, lesbihonest. ;)
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Kog'Maw could you imagine the make out sessions and the cunilingus.
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