Stupid victorious morgana skin

#1justchill433Posted 9/4/2014 8:09:18 PM
Don't need this stress. I stopped playing, but I need that skin.
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#2supershadonicPosted 9/4/2014 8:10:27 PM
Add me IGN: Schmelton

I'm good I carry you to Gold.
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#3MehicTUH_92Posted 9/4/2014 8:10:40 PM
Just chill
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#4aHappySackaPosted 9/4/2014 8:11:46 PM
You're not going to get it.
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#5zefigPosted 9/4/2014 8:13:00 PM
I'm disappointed it's Morgana who already has tons of skins, including two with alternate particles. Don't stress about this one.
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#6justchill433(Topic Creator)Posted 9/4/2014 8:47:43 PM
But morgana was the first champ I bought back in Season 2. The nostalgias. Pretty sure I will get it. Blitzcrank is freelo.
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#7DiortePosted 9/4/2014 8:47:43 PM
I don't own any Morg skins, this victorious one is much appreciated.
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#8deathisajerkPosted 9/4/2014 10:58:55 PM
Add me, I'll carry you with AD Malzahar Jungle
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