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Looked at the 3 new champions... (Archived)
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There needs to be more minion types. (Archived)
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Swain skin idea (Archived)
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What 3150 champ should I buy? (Archived)krismagus106/12/2011
They should make difficult champion specific achievements which earn skins (Archived)
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Does Urgot say endelss torment or end this torment? (Archived)DeeJayTechnika96/12/2011
So I somehow end up facing a Vlad with 919 AP.. (Archived)
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*Renekton towerdives trying to kill 1/4 health Ashe with tons of minions nearby* (Archived)shadyelf86/12/2011
Nobody plays Karma. I kinda want a new support character. Good choice? (Archived)
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I like 3v3s like I like a stab in the eye. (Archived)
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