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so Lol website is down and the server won't let me log in, stuck at loading. (Archived)
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Umashi's Collected Replays (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Anyone else getting this weird bug as Orianna? (Archived)Xine986/18/2011
Are the servers back up yet? (Archived)P00DGE36/18/2011
Umashi. I have defeated your challenge, and thus, I have defeated you. CHA V 1 (Archived)Ultima_Weapon3366/18/2011
Shrine of Tinker (Archived)Ultima_Weapon3346/18/2011
nunu dont jungle, fiddle got it (Archived)Dudestv86/18/2011
watchs the patch about ? (Archived)
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So I just did a 3 philo stones FoN, Mercuries, Thornmail build on J4. (Archived)orcus_snake56/17/2011
New League of Legends CAD comic... (Archived)
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Link to watch tonights matches (Archived)DubZizzle956/17/2011
why you troll me riot (Archived)moon124476/17/2011
List of best skins! IMO and add to the list! (Archived)
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Am I the only onle having log in problems? Who is still playing? (Archived)GuilmonDX96/17/2011
Just played with a leaver and a troll and I couldn't report either of them (Archived)Deathblz16/17/2011
There ought to be another pirate champion. (Archived)
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what exactly does cc stand for? (Archived)
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Jungle Gangplank is OP. (Archived)
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Everyone knows supports win games, but it's still great when you experience it (Archived)Grand_Cardinal26/17/2011
Streaming some norms (Archived)necroix05106/17/2011
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