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how is the wither + merc treads a glitch? (Archived)
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Only 2 maps? (Archived)Rain_Dust34/28/2011
One of the Luckiest Happenings in my LoL History (Archived)Nymphtemine24/28/2011
Is this a bad team comp? (Archived)angermngment10154/28/2011
How long did it take you to get s full rune page for your main or other champ? (Archived)DjHotness54/28/2011
So, a question about 1v1 (Archived)SquallWindblade94/28/2011
The weeaboos can't get enough of Kennen (Archived)
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Played a game today against a Jax with his real weapon (Archived)infamous_91194/28/2011
Who is the strongest champ in twisted treeline? (Archived)
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Taric Build - discuss (Archived)PiZzOwNaGe94/28/2011
Does LolBase update Elo anymore? (Archived)SorrySleeping44/28/2011
so if Rumbles Judgement came out today... (Archived)nyhustler20884/28/2011
How many hours is LOL gonna be down when the patch comes. (Archived)
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Why Annie out-Brands Brand (Archived)infamous_91154/28/2011
When I get to a higher ELO, I want to be just like gam3rxtr3me (Archived)
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Custom Skins... (Archived)
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Is Doran's Shield actually worth not going out with a pot? (Archived)
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Think of a champion before entering this thread. (Archived)
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free karthus week is so bad :( (Archived)
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My 5v5 Team needs more! (Archived)Ragvald94/28/2011