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My store had no health potions so i fed badly :( (Archived)Koji_1168/25/2011
With Nidalee's new CDR changes.. (Archived)Boogyy58/25/2011
Low level story (Archived)Pegeta18/25/2011
Talon looks like something out of a really bad 80s Cartoon. (Archived)Gevauden78/25/2011
where do i start with the lore of this game? (Archived)NormalCat58/25/2011
Could I get in trouble for purposely feeding the other team? (Archived)THE_LOL58/25/2011
So like, as a legitimate Kennen discussion topic, what are his weaknesses? (Archived)
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The games I wreck in, I lose. The games i do "meh" in, I win (Archived)Vidy_ogamasta48/25/2011
What runes does NEO SORAKA use? (Archived)moon124478/25/2011
who needs heals when the enemy is dead (Archived)Dudestv18/25/2011
If you had to guess... (Archived)stunderpants88/25/2011
I had the WORST team of feeders just now (Archived)Little Zardar58/25/2011
So how do you build Soraka? (Archived)AStrawhatPirate38/25/2011
Did bots get easier? (Archived)studisc38/25/2011
New karthus/tibbers skin in game pic (Archived)Pegeta78/25/2011
Is Locodoco part of TSM now? (Archived)GujinKami68/25/2011
Would you buy a LoL game for consoles but it was not a DotA game... (Archived)
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Stream xx@420xxk00lKid (Archived)ISamfisherI18/25/2011
whats a rlly rlly rlly good 6300 champion (Archived)
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Little Zardar278/24/2011
artic caitlyn... (Archived)Ubergeneral348/24/2011
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