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When jungling, why smite for the kill? (Archived)
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Wow BS. (Archived)
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My friend has a serious problem (Archived)
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Gamefaqs Battle - Heimerdinger (Archived)
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Is there any way for EU players to play on the NA server? (Archived)OrmEmbar29/25/2010
My rating went from 1433 to 1400 (Archived)xHFx49/25/2010
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Level 30, 699 win Shaco, with a malady. I asked him why. "Going full lifesteal" (Archived)
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Anyone have any clues onto our next champion? (Archived)ipitydafool6449/25/2010
Complaint about this game... (Archived)
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Jericho Swain? (Archived)RedRover50539/25/2010
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LoL Poll 2010 Day 14 : "I'll drink ya under the table, scrub!" (Archived)
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How do you build Miss Fortune and what runes are good for her? (Archived)nyhustler208109/25/2010