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Flat mana runes for junglers: (Archived)starmilski13712/23/2010
What this game needs is not new champs or skins, but achievements. (Archived)
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>friend hits level 30, we duo queue for lols in ranked (Archived)KaosMKVIII512/23/2010
Backdooring Works. 38 to 70 victory (Archived)Greenblob51812/23/2010
Team: Pantheon, Karthus, Gangplank, Twisted Fate, Shen (Archived)OmniImmortal412/23/2010
*goes 2-3-17 and wins* (Archived)Crimson_Jesus412/23/2010
Building Nasus DPS after getting Trinity Force. (Archived)
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A Warwick on your team locks in w/o Smite. (Archived)
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ANyone want to try a premade? (Archived)slayer1807112/23/2010
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Which character ragequits most often? (Archived)
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I gotta admit I love Shens voice (Archived)
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Jungling As Rammus (Archived)SuperSushi311412/22/2010
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Miss Fortune, Ashe, and Anivia. (Archived)
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is nashors okay for ap sion (Archived)nyhustler208612/22/2010
would greatly appreciate some shaco help! (Archived)Ninjamaster07112/22/2010
New to the game, 4 questions if ya wouldn't mind :D (Archived)
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Aw, I got called the best LeBlanc ever. :> (Archived)Earthshaker612/22/2010
Junglers don't exist in solo que (Archived)
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