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doubles (Archived)UltraCookie29/2/2011
I wish I had Riot Singed. :( (Archived)shortyjr049/2/2011
How to deal with real life friends being baddies? (Archived)
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Huehuehue (Archived)Pixlh49/2/2011
Adjust the numbers on this poll for League of Legends (Archived)Master of Hate19/2/2011
What is the most effective "gimmick" team for premade 5's in ranked? (Archived)Master of Hate69/2/2011
FIRST PENTAKILL!!! =D (caps off) (Archived)Diorte49/2/2011
so.... i freaking love jungling (Archived)iDeadpool79/2/2011
Surrendering right after the other team results in your loss... (Archived)Chidori6929/2/2011
Irelia is a trap (Archived)nomon00109/1/2011
Ever get tired of people ******** about OP champions? (Archived)MasterShot2k589/1/2011
just rage quit for srs for the second time ever (Archived)popnkorn89/1/2011
I feel like there's THAT GUY who TRIES to MAKE every CHAMPION a JUNGLER (Archived)
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whats the diff between lol recorder and fraps? (Archived)popnkorn29/1/2011
Yorick or Skarner (Archived)
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Who are some of the strongers champions who also have a form of CC, hard CC? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
The Hye Circus289/1/2011
Please give me Amumu jungling tips. (Archived)Anagram39/1/2011
Tibbers should be a new champion (Archived)
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'Kass can you buy some wards?' 'No don't worry I'll buy wriggles' (Archived)
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Why is the MF the only AD carry I can use? (Archived)
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