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LoL board make me lol. (Archived)
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Today marks a milestone of great human triumph and suffering. (Archived)SirDerpAlot28/9/2011
what are the best defensive items? (Archived)g-cube_masta98/9/2011
skarner buffs impending? (Archived)
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most op/broken hero i can get for 1350ip? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Apparently no one ever has their ult ready (Archived)Epyon Zero68/9/2011
5 Annies vs 5 Oriannas (Archived)LordLuscious98/9/2011
Best YouTube Guide I've seen yet. (Archived)g-cube_masta78/9/2011
Just won a 4v5 with a pantheon mid. (Archived)iPWNtheNoobs58/9/2011
SivHD Karma Guide (Archived)ChaosEX500038/9/2011
anyone else (skin related) (Archived)pk25648/9/2011
So I finished my first game as new Pantheon. (Archived)
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I'm interested in Vladimir, is he actually good and is he fun to play? (Archived)
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Guardsman Bob Stream, Someone Jungling with Blitzcrank (Archived)ChaosEX500028/9/2011
Is Ignite or Exhaust a better skill in your opinion? (Archived)
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Is wukong's R bug fixed yet ? (Archived)jabini28/9/2011
1 hour queue (Archived)FFFanboy7891218/9/2011
How are these 2 champions, and what are others I might like based on them? (Archived)Eye_of_Horus48/9/2011
Is Skarner's base AD really that high? (Archived)enamea48/9/2011
Ive built Skarner as a tank so far. (Archived)AStrawhatPirate28/9/2011
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