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Pretty sure I'm in HEUEHUEEHEU ELO. (Archived)fi3rcedragon57/13/2011
I can never get OWN3D to work (Archived)hans111127/13/2011
Any real reason to get back into this? (Archived)King_of_donkeys107/13/2011
League of Legends Dubstep thing (Archived)PenguinLord232497/13/2011
Aegis vs Negatron/Chainmail on Tanks (Archived)EvaAZN87/13/2011
So we were on our final push about to win a 5v5... (Archived)homelesshobo57/13/2011
I should really stop saving people (Archived)Gorenks107/13/2011
All support team happening right now! (Archived)Gorenks47/13/2011
Would sorc boots work on Yorick? (Archived)CrazyLarkin37/13/2011
Does anyone here ACTUALLY think Poppy is broken at the moment (OP)? (Archived)
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Leona isn't coming out today (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Should I wait for Leona or buy J4? (Archived)MrMepper57/12/2011
Gamefaqs chat in game (Archived)cjmithrandir77/12/2011
Skarner's Next? (Archived)Sareph107/12/2011
Real Guide On How To Gain Elo In Ranked (Archived)ISamfisherI97/12/2011
when is it the supports fault when a team loses? (Archived)
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Never, will I EVER play ranked if this is what I can expect. (Archived)
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Having a great day on TT (Archived)anilorox67/12/2011
Leona will be owned by Garen (Archived)Veggeta X77/12/2011
From now on I am always puting this on when I play Singed (Archived)Vaatiful47/12/2011
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