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Sad Fate of the Tank (Archived)
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is the game Runs better fullscreen or windowed? cause my pc is Forced... (Archived)pspmaster2373/9/2010
I've been losing all the games as of late because... (Archived)brotrrwinner53/8/2010
TF, I don't care if you're on Vent with Fiddle (Archived)
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Spell penetration on glyphs? (Archived)Shikamaru100103/8/2010
has anybody got the cllectors edition? is it only works for 1 account? (Archived)KiraSoul53/8/2010
what will you miss out if u never get rp? (Archived)KiraSoul43/8/2010
wait what? AP is for DPS? (Archived)
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Report KDR as KDAR (Archived)simcowking33/8/2010
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Does spell penetration effect poison? (Archived)Shikamaru10053/8/2010
I really want to get into this game but I never played DoTA... (Archived)shabba2dp53/8/2010
So I just started playing this game a few days ago: (Archived)carotbotom103/8/2010
Can you "invert" your viewing angle? (Archived)
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New player here, wondering few things. (Archived)
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