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Does my stream work? (Archived)Ragvald31/29/2011
lol being a healer is fun (Archived)xHFx71/29/2011
Attack Speed/Magic damage (a la warwick) Irelia build. (Archived)Grand_Cardinal31/29/2011
Protip to Xin: level up E before Q. (Archived)jabini21/29/2011
I was under the impression that Cait's ult started doing Magic damage... (Archived)LeSituasian31/29/2011
Need a reliable backup tank (Archived)
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Stream attempt number 1 (Archived)necroix0581/29/2011
Is ezreal any good? (Archived)bushrack81/29/2011
Does Mordes Q stack with Rylais and Frozen Mallet? (Archived)CrazyLarkin51/29/2011
Sivir Philosopher Stone Build (Archived)Xshortguy00771/29/2011
whats the best way to build nunu (Archived)nyhustler20881/29/2011
Kills don't mean jack if you LOSE!! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Nothing is more satisfying than being the sole reason your team won. (Archived)DonutDeity51/29/2011
Since When Did This Game Turn Into Deathmatch?! (Archived)OtachiSwordXL61/29/2011
anyone maining Ren? (Archived)
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How fail am I (if any) for buying flat MP5 seals instead of MP5/level? (Archived)IceMage2051/29/2011
Can't see friends list? (Archived)benjamin219771/29/2011
Any advice for a new player? (Archived)Rion_81/29/2011
Just won a 90 minute game... (Archived)LeSituasian101/29/2011
Imagine Garen's spin proccing on-hit effects... (Archived)
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