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who plays the ward game and map awareness game while playing LoL? (Archived)cha0s zer0310/24/2010
Quicksilver sash and Blinkboots/dagger (Archived)CactusDude510/24/2010
The Map Awareness Song (Archived)Paperblade210/24/2010
Anyone want to play some normal games? (Archived)refmon410/24/2010
New tier list! Now with Lux! (Archived)HaxorUrBoxor1010/24/2010
Unspoken rule of unranked: You Must Be An Expert At Your Character (Archived)
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Buff Summoner Spells to make them Viable (Archived)
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Ducati's advice on solo queue (part 2) (Archived)
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Umm...weird oddity, as Shen, my attack speed kept going up for no reason. (Archived)CrazyLarkin810/24/2010
This was an interesting game to say the least... (Archived)
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anyone else had benny hill chases recently (Archived)moon12441010/24/2010
Is there a list of what champs are what attack style? (Archived)
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I haven't played since before the patch, how is new Gragas? (Archived)caleb723410/24/2010
Mid's about denying! (Archived)Tali_Zorah210/24/2010
how is that yi at 1727 (Archived)moon1244510/24/2010
"Hey, I can't handle mid. SOMEONE SWAP" (Archived)fi3rcedragon810/24/2010
I found a surefire way to win most games (Archived)count_hamstein510/24/2010
I'm not supposed to try and get as many kills as possible when I'm playing Kog? (Archived)satinangora210/24/2010
AD or AP Kat? (Archived)count_hamstein710/24/2010
vladimir viablility...? (Archived)
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