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ATTN: Ashe. (Archived)
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Petition to make "brand new characters" not playable in ranked for 24-48 hrs (Archived)LeSituasian33/1/2011
Jarvan is the honestly the worst when it comes to solo games. (Archived)DualSword3193/1/2011
"For my father the king" (Archived)
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Now that he has legs and can walk around... (Archived)IceMage2023/1/2011
Group up we need to do baron! (Archived)stonewall_hero73/1/2011
Dunno bout you guys, but the last few games have been 40 minutes+ (Archived)CrazyLarkin83/1/2011
Jungle Jarvin? (Archived)CaptainShiv53/1/2011
Flat CDR glyphs or scaling? (Archived)
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Wow... Games end much quicker now... (Archived)
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Who's a good partner for Anivia? (Archived)Tokenblack2073/1/2011
Is trinity good on Renekton for late game? (Archived)fsfhunter23/1/2011
aww yeah rally buff (Archived)refmon73/1/2011
Does it ever annoy you how good some people think they are? (esp. at low ELO) (Archived)LeSituasian33/1/2011
Jarvan is AMAZING. My build: (Archived)CrazyLarkin63/1/2011
Server Problems? (Archived)reekukachu13/1/2011
so what is everyone's ELO on gamefaqs (Archived)
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<3 Jarvan (Archived)dennis94101213/1/2011
Jarvan is the reason Riot is dead to me. (Archived)
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Nerf IP one week, nerf game times next week, what's next? Up the IP costs? (Archived)
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