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New Ryze is quite fun to play, and actually effective (Archived)
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New Patch? (Archived)Meta_Bit42/16/2011
Another Patch? Hot Fix perhaps? (Archived)sodapoppinski92/16/2011
The launcher gets to 16% and then says it has to restart. Rinse and repeat. (Archived)LinkandLuigi82/16/2011
The store has been down for me all day... (Archived)Mobile_Platform22/16/2011
Looks like Ryze has more late game viability (Archived)
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So this teemo build I've been using, has been working pretty well. (Archived)Juicii72/16/2011
You'd think, with how greedy Riot supposedly is, that they'd make sure (Archived)FerretDruid52/16/2011
just had my first bad experience in ranked.... (Archived)CHIRSTIANisIDOL52/16/2011
when will the store be back up and working???anyone hear anything??? (Archived)cambodiantikler52/16/2011
The best thing you can do if you're unhappy with any change... (Archived)Blubyyou72/16/2011
Custom Game Glitch (Archived)TheSuspected52/16/2011
Does it seem like the servers are getting worse every patch? (Archived)Master of Hate42/16/2011
Morello's Evil Tome is the item I've been waiting for. (Archived)
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What to build catalyst in to as a caster.... (Archived)arfarf62452/16/2011
Ranked Elo (Archived)Replenish42/16/2011
Ok, I was a little hesitant at first. But my god New Ryze is sooo much fun now. (Archived)DarkSeraphim12352/16/2011
Just for fun build's? (Archived)TorqueSmacky1382/16/2011
so , whats the new IP farm (Archived)arfarf62432/16/2011
This is the worst patch ever (Archived)satinangora52/16/2011
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