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Servers offline? (Archived)PenguinLord232461/4/2011
C/D If someone on your team leaves, you might as well leave yourself (Archived)
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AD Carry Builds (Archived)EvaAZN41/4/2011
King from Tangled = King Tryndamere (Archived)Gan Ning32461/4/2011
So who are you getting your CDR boots on? (Archived)
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Spotlights up (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Matchmaking continues to let me down (Archived)Master of Hate51/4/2011
I always lock in Jax before I dodge really stupid games. (Archived)starmilski1371/4/2011
When is the patch coming up? (Archived)ComputerLegacy71/4/2011
Caitlyn will be the most OP jungler in the game (Archived)MoarliekRob81/4/2011
So it seems Corki's phospherus bomb is totally useless. (Archived)Obl1TeRaTE51/4/2011
any other revive + smite junglers ? (Archived)dennis94101241/4/2011
Mejais *still* needs to be nerfed into more reasonable levels. (Archived)
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Riot needs more "Wall" champions. (Archived)
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News skins in upcoming patch: Surgeon Shen & Nurse Akali are here (Archived)
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Should I bother with solo ranked? (Archived)zxblood91/4/2011
Hybrid xin zhao. wud it b gud?? (Archived)Octans41/4/2011
We need Dr. Nasus. (Archived)OmfgitsBlah91/4/2011
Just had a shen lock in "i'm not tank. i'm killer" (Archived)
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Melee DPS Title (Archived)EvaAZN71/3/2011
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