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Is there only one map to play on? (Archived)mrjaegermeister93/13/2010
Managed 5 days! (Archived)
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So.... (Archived)Xantose16123/12/2010
Sort of an odd question: (Archived)carotbotom93/12/2010
Gamefaqs premade (Archived)
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wow i freakin hate it when the team surrenders.. (Archived)
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Ryze should have his name changed to RWEQ. (Archived)
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camera centering (Archived)tkt_54663/11/2010
How can I kill Nidalee players? (Archived)Earthshaker73/11/2010
Is there a way to change your summoners name? (Archived)Chaos_Xsi33/10/2010
"Oh god, Kat, GG." (Archived)
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So with the incoming Twisted Fate changes... (Archived)
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Ahahaha!! Singed is beastly!!! (Archived)Shikamaru10093/10/2010
one of the best topics on the forums (Archived)stonewall_hero53/10/2010
What time does the weekly free 10 usually change? (Archived)Hulkkis43/10/2010
how do i play normal games as someone other than shaco?? (Archived)Agent_1234553/10/2010
Sad Fate of the Tank (Archived)
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is the game Runs better fullscreen or windowed? cause my pc is Forced... (Archived)pspmaster2373/9/2010
I've been losing all the games as of late because... (Archived)brotrrwinner53/8/2010
TF, I don't care if you're on Vent with Fiddle (Archived)
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