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I'm considering writing a Jungle Nautilus guide, any tips on guide writing?edubs75/26 4:28PM
playing league of legends makes me feel homeyKadabra02535/26 4:25PM
how do u make singed viable again
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Shuriko145/26 4:23PM
Team Builder is now locked until Level 25?ATLAS119235/26 4:21PM
PSA: If you aren't building Rylai's on Karthus then you're f***ing bad
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Are the servers down?
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Katarina ACTUAL Champion Spotlight
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GameFAQs Most Hated Champion, Round 9. (Poll)
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when heimer gets a triple kill or higher with turrets
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If you mute somebody it should mute their pings too.joonyoungie45/26 3:03PM
Another thursday patch?Metal Gear Raxis65/26 3:02PM
Damn ping sounds have such a pavlovian effectDartkun25/26 2:59PM
That feeling when....ImFelix15/26 2:58PM
As a team, what do you do when Singed pushes top all game?DjHotness85/26 2:50PM
Where's my red carpet? I'm now Platinum V. AMA
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Riot still giving out permabans?arucard19935/26 2:20PM
Is there anything you can do about a tribunal case? I just got banned because
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I can see why a lot of people want challenger accounts..Terrorknight365/26 2:08PM
i got banned foreverWayavas85/26 2:07PM
Who are the best AP mids to be playing right now?
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