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Some call me doublelift, some call me imp, others call me rekless. AMA
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Kadabra0251210/19 3:49PM
Real talk: who the real backbone of SSW was during worlds.
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sonofkorol2410/19 3:35PM
I play as Darius top and dunk anyone and everything in my way: hyper carry.Brykeign910/19 3:24PM
Finally got my first penta as riven. Against silver scrubs like myself though
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drlolimaster2310/19 3:22PM
Why split push when you know another player on your team can do it better?fallen_acolyte910/19 3:19PM
Looking for people to play TT with, possibly ranked 3sonanobis47110/19 3:18PM
If you spend money on this game you get less bans.
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Deathx1131310/19 3:15PM
What's your favorite champion by mode/map?SeizureGoat810/19 3:14PM
I wish we can change the announcer voice to a champ voice
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Unit10271810/19 3:13PM
How can Riot fix this community?
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GooberSD2210/19 3:12PM
Azir..Laocedric16610/19 3:06PM
Rate Samsung White from 1-10 in terms of their skills
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Terrorknight31510/19 3:04PM
Why does Talon run Ignite on F?xVashTS98x610/19 3:03PM
What defines a gud jungler?
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MageGuyInfinity1810/19 3:02PM
Do you find yourself getting better or worse?
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Unit10271210/19 2:49PM
So how long do we have before the next "E-sports" event?SeizureGoat310/19 2:38PM
Got a Penta with dunkmaster darius!
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Deathx1131110/19 2:37PM
Dartkun's Long journey to Gold is finally completeDartkun910/19 2:24PM
Do you think game 3 was a throw? (spoilers) (Poll)bretonftw310/19 2:02PM
Those games that were almost wins as 4v5's but losses because of Butthurt Betty.deathisajerk510/19 1:59PM