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Tip of the Day #150
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LaqOfInterest121/30 1:00PM
That Warring Kingdoms Nid splash is amazing.manhoodg219921/30 12:58PM
Why is teleport more popular than ignite on Renekton?
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Zeusty261/30 12:50PM
DJ Sona ultimate hype?Maxo99621/30 12:32PM
How many matches...
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chitstayne111/30 12:13PM
I'm seeing alot of gold borders in the bronze mmr.
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manhoodg2199121/30 12:11PM
New skin timeWolfLinkX41/30 12:06PM
so i made a LAN account to see what my ping would be.
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Brian_Hoyer161/30 12:06PM
PSA: Connor is not funny. His jokes aren't funny at all
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Brian_Hoyer531/30 12:03PM
Sorc or Lucidity on Lissandra top?awesomespy41/30 11:50AM
I remember when Hai was the poster boy of C9. Why did everyone turn on him?
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NuramaTheBD251/30 11:49AM
Reminder the abuse how OP Ahri is right now.Kadabra02571/30 11:49AM
Are you banning ahri atm? (Poll)rave5000061/30 11:44AM
So with the Tristana visual update. . .bd43101/30 11:42AM
Should Riot create a pro division for people with special needs? (Poll)
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SeizureGoat241/30 11:31AM
Why do people buy tear first on Cassio?MageGuyInfinity61/30 11:29AM
C/D Top Nas in soloQ is more of a liability than anything
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funkys-flights351/30 11:28AM
Is the best way to get better at this game...BenWhoDrowned91/30 11:28AM
Riven is broken.GujinxAsuna1997101/30 11:08AM
So apparently the Fizz nerfs did literally nothing to Fizz mains
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bast999121/30 11:07AM