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which demon jax is best (Poll)
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today i showed battlebootyriven how to play riven (Archived)Rune2h_KO79/26/2013
I had a date with my riven Senpai today after work shes a bit bossy (Archived)KingOfAsia39/26/2013
Sjokz nice video (Archived)diego_vel49/26/2013
Is it just me? Jinx related (Archived)earthmaster399/26/2013
When you are a mid laner who pushes hard (Archived)edubs59/26/2013
why do people say that adcs need the best mechanics when clearly supports harder (Archived)
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somebody play with me on euwest!! (Archived)Ctrl_Alt_FU69/26/2013
LOL @ non-support mains complaining about ward caps. (Archived)
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so i heard thse champs are op (Archived)zhe_king_of_ape29/26/2013
Step aside Blitzcrank. (Archived)Dota259/26/2013
Random Warding Idea: What if wards were actually a potential source of income? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I'm not sure if this person is stupid, trolling, or both... (Archived)spartan99ruler79/26/2013
jinx reminds me of.... (Archived)
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Which champions are good whit double penetration? (Archived)
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So, is Lissandra going to become a Freelo champ? (Archived)
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If people copy the pros so much, why do I never see lane swaps? (Archived)
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Is this assessment of the game wrong? (Archived)destructoclaus19/26/2013
Good 3s resource? (Archived)Kirbix49/26/2013
When is clamping gonna start? (Archived)SergeantGander29/26/2013
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