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Thinking of switching back to mid from ADC. What are some good mid champs? (Archived)iiTryhard76/21/2013
I finally found my problem with this game, and it's the lack of rune pages (Archived)
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So what would Spirit Guard Udyr look like? (Archived)teh_hellspawn96/21/2013
there should be 5vs5vs5 mode (Archived)
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W2D2 LCS Topic: Get Pumped! (Archived)
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New Rumble Burn Build Done By Pros - Super OP (Archived)Slayn46/21/2013
In your opinion, who's the qtest pro player? (Archived)
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is the new nashor's strong? (Archived)mrbloby46/21/2013
who most embodies a "carry who's great early game and late game" (Archived)
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What type of Champ are we mostly in need of? (Poll)
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Team Standings (Archived)SeaIntoTheSky46/21/2013
There can't possibly be Udyr buffs incoming. (Poll)
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To all you people shouting Baron Baron in chat... (Archived)supershadonic86/21/2013
Finally broke even after going 20 games below .500 (Archived)darkwing123236/21/2013
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Sakura or Sun Goddess Karma? (Poll)DarkestPanda76/21/2013
anyone else feel that Team Coast could have used their female sub (Archived)notanoob7456/21/2013
Just carried a dead game... About Yi actually.... (Archived)supershadonic36/21/2013
How is Aatrox? (Archived)
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