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New trinity force on Vayne? (Archived)
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Teammates turret dives a baron buffed team with 2 exposed inhibs... I get blamed (Archived)darkwing123258/23/2013
mfw I'm the only positive player on the team and I get blamed for the loss. (Archived)DiggleLord88/23/2013
triforce is now best item in game, as it should be (Archived)zeppelin31238/23/2013
This is why Poppy is the greatest. (Archived)Somnambulistic18/23/2013
Ok Blue Ez wannabes... the rushing of Manamune is the WRONG way to build (Archived)
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How to have a blast in Silver (Archived)
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Tristana Gets Greedy (Archived)vballlover78/23/2013
Kinda silly how the racism just shot up after Lucian's release (Archived)ssupermario9248/23/2013
"I have two problems: map awareness and too many b****es." - Phreak 2013 (Archived)Somnambulistic78/23/2013
So what's so hard about jungling? (Archived)
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So can we just chalk Lucian up as a terrible Ezreal? (Archived)
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So Dyrus refused to scrim after the arguement with Regi? (Archived)
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Here's everyone I need a skin for who I own. (Archived)Watashiii108/23/2013
diamond thinks c9 is the only good na team (Archived)
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