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Confirmed: Rammus still one of the most annoying late-game champs in the game. (Archived)
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That feeling you get when you buy a champ the day before it's free... (Archived)
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How can they increase the viability of Fiora? (Archived)
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Time to download this game! (Archived)
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How many tribunals does it take to get perma-banned? (Archived)MEGAsoldier62/26/2013
Penny Arcade comic.. (Archived)
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Need gimmicky rune pages cause I don't know what to spend my IP on. (Archived)
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do you lose more LP for a surrender than a destroyed nexus? (Archived)alcaPWNED21232/26/2013
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BOTRK new meta (Archived)
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I'm starting to believe that Lux is a somewhat worthless mid. (Archived)
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just went 30-0 as tank soraka (Archived)
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DoTA 2 player going to try League. (Archived)svr2006gawd92/26/2013
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