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How does Zed/Trynd jungle work?(Silver 1) (Archived)JackDaniels196458/16/2013
Should I bother with Normal Draft Pick at 22? (Archived)SlashReturns78/16/2013
If the International Wildcard winner, wins worlds, I'll eat my hat. (Archived)MahvelBaybee38/16/2013
Anyone want me to refer them as a friend? (Archived)GAMERCAMRY108/16/2013
There is so much money on the line at worlds. (Archived)Tekutso98/16/2013
Hide and Seek invite topic (Archived)H02-100028/16/2013
Disregard Gamefaqs, Acquire Swain (Archived)Arken10138/16/2013
So what do you do as top (Archived)dennis94101258/16/2013
Wukong or Jayce for this sale? (Poll)JJrooot68/16/2013
Which of the following items is best for Twisted Fate's most difficult matchups? (Archived)Aerialacia98/16/2013
Alright downloading this game right now where do the noobs go for info (Archived)GAMERCAMRY68/16/2013
Youtube died (Archived)FlameLord2358/16/2013
is it true that if you mute someone you won't likely be matched with them again (Archived)jumpy68/16/2013
So do people realize just how strong Karma's Mantra Q is lategame? (Archived)
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Riot, make me muting someone ignore their pings, too. (Archived)Kishoru78/16/2013
TSM, Dignitas and Curse are in the top 3 in the Summer LCS. HOLY CRAP. (Archived)AC_Dragonfire38/16/2013
i cant refund cass. (Archived)
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your favourite item overall? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Do you think Lucian will be Vi-"able"? (Archived)o___Okami78/16/2013
Janna nerfs incoming (Archived)
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