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Oh, maybe I'm even better with Yi than I though...Mario_VS_DK24/18 2:40PM
Is a 5 man grinding bot games the best way to max ip this weekend ?Mander186114/18 2:01PM
Anyone up for Party ARAM?HipsterSora54/18 1:57PM
K, I know I left Anivia and all, but can we drop the nickname?
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I feed a lane first blood before minions spawn
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Actually Useful PSA: IP boost stacks the party boost.
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How NOT to carry GameFAQs.
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I miss old Kayle....
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Dash has really come a long way since last splitnyrovonn84/18 1:36PM
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Best skin: Day 5 Amumu (Poll)
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If I'm jg, I will tax my laners really hard. If I'm laning, I will only take the
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How would a Kat ult even be depicted (in movie/RL) without looking ridiculous?
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Had the sickest Baron steal of my life todayOhDrewlius54/18 12:47PM
C/D - WTF IE please get with the program and tilt RIGHT (Poll)JackDaniels1964104/18 12:37PM
Hey, guys, how do I effectively feed in my games? (Closed)
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Jinx needs a nerf.
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New game mode: anti burst buffbast999104/18 12:25PM
Looking for adc Mai n in silver NA (Est) to duo withknicksfan2034/18 12:22PM