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what do you think the champions do when the servers go down? (Archived)
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When someone on GameFaqs says "Carry Harder" (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What's with all these supports running Ignite now? (Archived)Voidgolem47/30/2013
Anyone want to play Vayne versus Ashe? I'll play Ashe 1v1 (Archived)PrintScreenKey77/30/2013
Max MMR? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Shyvana or Maokai? (Jungle) (Archived)solrac78037/30/2013
Rammus or Rengar? (Archived)HeartlessCharms67/30/2013
PSA: Mid laners, blue buff is a privlege, not a right. (Archived)
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Do you ever give red buff to your top laner? (purple side obviously) (Archived)_HeX37/30/2013
Quick question for the Platinum/Diamond players. (Archived)wrbk67/30/2013
I just had 45 minutes of my life wasted. (Archived)Raging_water47/30/2013
Do you like Amumu the sad mommy? (Poll)Is_Corrupted27/30/2013
10-0 vayne easy win right? (Archived)
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It has been 48 days since Aatrox was released. (Archived)
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Vi's R used to be liek Karma's R. (Archived)NicoGrimm37/30/2013
So everyone has forgotten about Lucian already (Archived)
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If Sona was a man, her name would be Nelsona (Archived)JiminyTheDingo27/30/2013
I'm Elise top vs Tryndamere. (Archived)Sharzakenator67/30/2013
Am I a bad person if I have the "anything but jungle" mentality? (Archived)Chargers_3187/30/2013
what games do you play while you're in queue (Archived)PrintScreenKey97/30/2013
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