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Ap mid build? (Archived)refmon912/15/2012
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Rate That Champion's Usability - Day 43: LeBonk (Poll)thisisboris2212/15/2012
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Do you get a report card from the tribunal if you get pardoned? (Archived)Shuriko712/15/2012
Killer Instinct is so iconic for le internets dweebs. Why has Riot not give (Archived)The-World-Seven812/15/2012
So AP teemo is more useless now... (Archived)SackBoi812/15/2012
How do I get the other Dominion players to stop throwing the game? (Archived)SantanaXIIl312/15/2012
Explain the tribunal to me (Archived)
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Chalice on GP? (Archived)
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Let's assume they never show Katarina Stripping. (Poll)ssj98_gotenks312/15/2012
Lol @ all u scrubs that don't have Nashor icon (Archived)
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Forget gifting anybody anything this year, i got Baron Nashor (Archived)The-World-Seven1012/15/2012
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I challenge you ALL TO A SKIN OFF! (Archived)
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