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So, when people say Lucian shoule be voiced by Samuel L Jackson or Morgan F... (Archived)
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So why are CLG playing a bot game on stream? (Archived)GujinKami35/12/2013
junglers that can triple spirit (Archived)OgreBattle01985/12/2013
Why is it that nobody uses PFE in pro games (Archived)Dota295/12/2013
Who is better top Stanley or HotshotGG and who has the better Nidalee? (Archived)dhsolid75/12/2013
When somebody doesn't get what they called.. (Archived)
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Ya know what? ELO Hell does exist. (Archived)
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When people say "Hurr Durr Carry Harder Nub"... (Archived)Ferd_Da_Bird45/12/2013
how big do you think the japanese scene will become (Archived)cautionifeed25/12/2013
Pick my champ to main for a smurf. (Archived)
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Emergency MacBook Help (Archived)iLikeQ75/12/2013
I still say it was chauster not Jiji who should have been replaced. (Archived)Zeeak444465/12/2013
WHy do we get a new melee carry? (Archived)
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How is Liandry's Torment on Sejuani? (Archived)LChaos245/12/2013
where's that thing that shows the win % for certain items on champions? (Archived)OgreBattle01975/12/2013
Which have biggest breast? (Poll)
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equally skilled akali vs diana vs ahri (Archived)Grey_Asakura85/12/2013
Lux, Katarina and Brand/Pantheon (Archived)
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Scarra carried the **** out of his team and he was the only one without a smile (Archived)l3lueJACKrabbit75/12/2013
Guys im quitting (Archived)
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