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Going 12-0 and still losing the game because of the team (Archived)
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The champion you last played is the champion you just last played (Archived)RoboZygo41/3/2013
Darius the King of DOT (Archived)SirDanieI81/3/2013
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need a damn good cho build (Archived)
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So is this game 100% free to download? (Archived)bronze4v4pro81/3/2013
Is Fiddlesdicks any good? (Archived)Vegeta Rockz81/3/2013
Who needs sona... (Archived)
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having trouble with mid lane (Archived)
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Trinity Force or Gauntlet on Hecarim? (Archived)
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Can't believe people even rage at their teams at summoner level 1 (Archived)
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Somebody tell me how to gank with Vi (Archived)
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Tribunal needs a counter punishment option (Archived)
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Help me buy a TV so that I can play Lol on a Bigger Screen (Archived)Kirbix91/2/2013
C/D AP Yi is a joke build that only works against complete idiots. (Archived)
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ITT: We list stupid in-game habits we haven't been able to shake. (Archived)
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C/D Classic Nocturne Ult is more intimidating than Eternum Nocture's (Archived)Arken10171/2/2013
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