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EVERY non-basic item has a unique EXCEPT bloodthirster (Archived)
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Of all the terrible things to happen in lobby, the one I hate most (Archived)I_love_SunnyD15/27/2013
Who is the most obnoxious champ to face without jungler help? (Archived)
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I am so glad Doublelift played in the LCS using Blue Ez. (Archived)
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so i was thinking about Blade of the Ruined King (Archived)
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Best adc in Brazil outplaying a Riven and Jarvan (Archived)
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i like the combo of irelia top and lee jungle (Archived)
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Do LoL cinematics remind anyone else of the SSBB cinematics? (Archived)MMG_85/27/2013
Yet another crappy sale.. But look what Turkey get. (Archived)evansmp55/27/2013
can't add a space to summoner name (in summoner name change)? (Archived)Aerialacia85/27/2013
Where do you watch these tournaments? (Archived)Hibyehi75/27/2013
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Orange build successful (Archived)
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What's the... (Archived)
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I'm actually kinda glad that Mini Golems are spawning at 1:55 now (PBE) (Archived)ManoktheChicken95/27/2013
At what pick in rank are you most comfortable with? (Poll)Tessen1865/27/2013