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Unable to watch ranked matches (Archived)fallen_acolyte18/16/2013
wat elo am i in (Archived)Herostratus_38/16/2013
Top 3 champions to play on low elo (Archived)
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Oh my god, they ruined rengar (Archived)
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Rengar x Irelia (Archived)RyeRye3328/16/2013
The 1 thing I hate about being last pick. (Archived)
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What did we learn from TSM/C9? (Archived)
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Lux and Morganna's ults are now exchanged. (Archived)luigi3358/16/2013
I don't get it... (warning: incoming blogFAQs) (Archived)shingo fan78/16/2013
Anyone played Lucian recently on pbe (Archived)Pegeta48/16/2013
What happened to Skarner (Archived)
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NA LCS SUPER Week 9 Topic/Dicussion Part two (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
Renekton and Nasus fighting with ults on is the best thing (Archived)GrassCat18/16/2013
Why watch LCS when you can watch a black guy? (Archived)TheFinalEnigma88/16/2013
I'm gonna be a hypocrite, teach me Udyr (Archived)ssupermario9278/16/2013
Should Wu Kong's passive instead extend his staff? (Archived)Gamegeek12328/16/2013
From S2 950 Elo to Gold V: Dr. Mundos Crushers. Things I've learned + AMA (Archived)
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About Jax... (Poll)Dota298/16/2013
C9 totally fell off at the end of the split (Archived)Silver Shadow X38/16/2013
people dont believe im diamond but here is my lol client (Archived)
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