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Force of Nature...Where art thou? (Archived)
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What the **** is this bull****? (Archived)
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I'm not enjoying jungle as much in S3. (Archived)Slayer1217612/20/2012
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Who cares about Vi Theme? Remeber Dravens Theme? (Archived)
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Anyone know where I can find a step by step guide for orbwalking? (Archived)Silver Shadow X612/20/2012
Don't cry about the new pricing (Archived)
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all future chemps 8k gold (Archived)SephirothPrime412/20/2012
The ability for people to throw a game never ceases to amaze me (Archived)Theshamen312/20/2012
Need a good tanky and busty champion (Archived)
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Counter Pick Mid (Archived)
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I haven't lost to a Vi yet. (Archived)
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