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What is that ungodly thing living on Phreak's face? (Archived)LaqOfInterest58/15/2013
I got reported for calling someone a tryeasy. (Archived)MastaOOPS48/15/2013
Evelynn needs a non-slut skin. (Archived)
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rate my gp build (Archived)
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Worst Champs at Roles (Archived)
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Which AP mid should I get next? (Archived)
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Profile down?? (Archived)Master_Pwner18/15/2013
want a Penta? use Broken rework Yi (Archived)
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What's the main Yi Jungle OP build right now? And how to go about it? (Archived)SackBoi98/15/2013
Is there a reason my Mac client (Archived)jats605108/15/2013
Question about the American Express / League of Legends cooperation Card deposit (Archived)localizedfreedo68/15/2013
lich bane on ahri (Archived)L33ts4uc338/15/2013
Suppose the champion after Lucian can create brushes temporarily (Archived)
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I'm really loving Blitzcrank. (Archived)scaler2428/15/2013
What is your favourite hand placement? (Archived)
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Quinn is one of the ugliest things I've seen in a game. (Archived)
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Help a TERRIBLE vayne player. (Archived)gkh578/15/2013
Need help choosing an assassin champion. (Archived)FlashinD88/15/2013
is Evellyn a midget? (Archived)yourDaddie38/15/2013
why is bot lane always a stomp? (Archived)
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