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Why doesn't Sona have legs?
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Supah-Dot589/21 4:33PM
How long will the Azir bundle be up?HakeemTheDream59/21 4:20PM
PSA: When you're decently fed, start letting your team mates get the kills.
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DX1900149/21 4:19PM
The winner of TSM vs SGW will be decided by Phreak.kcbeliever19/21 4:11PM
What hurts the most....SIash29/21 4:06PM
If TSM beats SSW in the bo5, I will close my account
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Hitomoshi239/21 4:05PM
When will Lucian get a new skin?riceboyee1289/21 3:58PM
TSM hahaha losing to hahhahahaha SK ahhahahha
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GujinKami539/21 3:56PM
Lulu or Zyra?Metal Gear Raxis69/21 3:55PM
Congrats TSM for making it out of the group stage!
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Soul Reaver4519/21 3:55PM
azir first picked. Should I dodge?
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rexbaner2119/21 3:50PM
free champ rotation for this upcoming week?awesomenessss99/21 3:48PM
Loving me some Azir :)RHCP77769/21 3:46PM
So I got my AS and MS quints. Now I need to build pages around them. Advice?fire_bolt39/21 3:45PM
I would love a new Wukong skin.scaler2489/21 3:36PM
I haven't lost in like 30+ gamesKaceytron89/21 3:35PM
How do you react when you discover the enemy has no jungler
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Metal Gear Raxis169/21 3:31PM
which champ should i get next for winning games in silver elo? (Poll)lalelulelosop89/21 3:26PM
Am I crazy to think the OGN casters are the only good casters?
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Keybored123269/21 3:20PM
If you could have one champion never be on your team again, who would it be?
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JarvanOfDemacia129/21 3:18PM