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The saltiest you ever got at a classic champion splash change?
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Rivington will not be attending PAX; issues with him and Phreak
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How do you obtain Victorius Morgana skin?Gevauden98/27 2:34PM
my god i hate ziggs
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Azir first impressions
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List champion abilities that realistically should affect others differently...
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i get essence reaver and runaans on graves
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your team is ahead, yall have baron, you are pusing to enemies inhib tower
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Eve build?solidoutlaw78/27 2:08PM
Other PROJECT Skins you would like to see
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Is the daily gifting reset at midnight PST or 24 hours from last gift?Ultoman268/27 1:53PM
Players in Bronze - Platinum... Listen: If you're behind, the only way to win isEvilmonster58/27 1:22PM
Soooooo does Banner of Command work on Azirs soldiersArken10168/27 1:21PM
Is there something wrong with the patcher?ShadowNargacuga48/27 1:20PM
Attn: Everyone whining about Solo QueueShinyGroundon98/27 1:16PM
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New Egyptian champ sounds like Yugi.
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YR: Player invites you to a game...Metal Gear Raxis88/27 12:57PM
While all of you go on about Sion, Taric, Morgana, Mordekaiser etc...Kafferbokja78/27 12:52PM
21-9 nasusMr_Pooplets68/27 12:45PM