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im quitting this if this happens againlalelulelosop53/5 9:28PM
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I need a new mid
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what if one champ's ult was to cast death
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IndianaJones65133/5 9:03PM
convince me why i shouldn't rush spooky ghostsdennis94101233/5 8:58PM
The stats in this game are the stuff of Legends indeed...
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Goodbye, League of Legends
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Anyone else think Bard will be "banned" out longer than usual.dragunreaver103/5 8:30PM
No old witch champion :(
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Sejuani is insanely overpowered.
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serious LoL math problem
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lalelulelosop113/5 8:27PM
the icons for ocean week and carnival are available in the na store for 250 rp!!madcat767313/5 8:25PM
Tip on how to not let trash talk get to you; visualize the trash talkeryamas1193/5 8:23PM
Do you have a LoL rival? (Poll)
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SeizureGoat353/5 8:22PM
7-0 Promos How will I do on the last three? (Poll)MehicTUH_9283/5 8:22PM
IMO, the real reason for the large Kass, Akali and Fizz nerfs842093/5 7:43PM
Does DJ Sona make anyone else lag like crazy or is just me?DuuuDe1463/5 7:36PM
riot may be bad at balancing but their ticket support system is niceLeo499973/5 7:35PM
Riot founded a High SchoolDefNotPBR93/5 7:33PM
I finally realized why the "Supports can carry" mentality exists
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