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I'm not so good at LoL, but I'm very good at DotA. (Archived)
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So the general consensus is that Syvana's fun, but outclassed? (Archived)
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So which Augment seems to be the best for Viktor. Vote inside! (Archived)
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Warmogs nerfed. (Archived)
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New Runes (Archived)
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I don't get paid till thursday (Archived)iDeadpool712/13/2011
so whose the best counter for a solo top against garen (Archived)AnybodyN9NE412/13/2011
Are they still doing the Journal of Justice? (Archived)thecrazyfrog512/13/2011
So the Udyr change was a nerf, they will not compensate him (Archived)PAINTluvORANGA712/13/2011
I think there are a few misconceptions about Ahri's abilities...but I could be w (Archived)Bradoshado912/13/2011
Who is mia? (Archived)iXCelticXi312/13/2011
Think Fizz's nerfs are breaking to him? (Archived)Q_Sensei1012/13/2011
ATTN: voidgolem,fluffy_bear, and G-cube (Archived)xHaterade612/13/2011
Why is it the same thing ever time a new champ is released? (Archived)piepiez1012/13/2011
Bottom lane on Dominion (Archived)dark_shard812/13/2011
Something i've been wondering for months now (Archived)iDeadpool1012/13/2011
Some new chinese art (Archived)Pegeta812/13/2011
Solo Top Riven and Jungle Riven runes/masteries/builds needed (Archived)Xa3r0x212/13/2011
new runes? (Archived)toobastos412/13/2011
New skins for Arhi Patch. (Archived)
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