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8 years ago#1

DJ Max Trilogy is presumably Pentavision's next DJ Max Online. It features network as well as a single player mode, which is probably why it is on sale, rather than for download. Trilogy features many different songs, ranging from Cosmic Elevator by Forte Escape to Space of Soul by M2U. The website above has demo versions of various songs. This game also features the FEVER system that was only available on the Portable versions of the game. However, it is not stated whether the game will support up to x5, or x7, like Black Square.

Recently, the Pulsar Limited Edition was put up for preorder in Korea. Due to it's intense popularity, it had no problem going out of stock within the first minute of its opening. This limited edition package carries the following items:
1) DJ Max Trilogy Premium Limited Edition Case (Measures 30 cm x 15cm x 26cm)
2) DJ Max Trilogy Game DVD (The game disk)
3) DJ Max Trilogy OST (Contained in two CDs)
4) DJ Max Trilogy Post Cards (10 total)
5) Visual ART 2009 Calendar (Speaks for itself)
6) OUT-LAW Trump Card (A pack of playing cards that features the characters from OUTLAW)
7) DJMAX Trilogy MUG CUP (Again, speaks for itself)
8) USB Profile Key

DJ Max Trilogy is different from Online, as it requires a "USB Profile Key" as stated in number 8. Not only does this store DJ information, but it is also most likely used to stop piracy of the game. Without this "key", online play will not be available.

Although this Limited Edition is not yet available for preorder on Play Asia, and preorders have ended today in Korea, it probably will be put up, just like the Quattra version of Black Square. In addition, just like Black Square, this game will be released on the 24th of this month. Make sure to check frequently for its release!
8 years ago#2
Sorry for the double post, the Pulsar Limited Edition is available for preorder here:
8 years ago#3
I'm running low on cash right now after Persona 4 and BS so I'm not going to get the LE for this. I might get the normal game eventually.
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8 years ago#4
I live in California, will I be able to play this online if I buy it or will I need a Korean IC?
8 years ago#5

gamer421s soul posted...
I live in California, will I be able to play this online if I buy it or will I need a Korean IC?

DJ Max Trilogy is not an MMO game,it's just a network 1 vs 1, so yes i don't think we'll need a KSSN. And TR is multilangage, English, Korean, Japanese, like DJMP. :)

8 years ago#6

Ohhh i forgot, it's coming to U.S in 2009. :)

I ordered Pulsar Edition. 220€ of djmax games for christmas… I'm crazy

8 years ago#7
@jyhere: I'd have to agree, and disagree with you at the same time. First of all, Trilogy will be using servers hosted by none other than Pentavision. However, the only reason that they'd put an ENGLISH function in the game would be to have AMERICAN players play the game. I highly doubt that a KSSN will be necessary. Plus, if you purchased the game, why would they make it unavailable for online play?
8 years ago#8
So what do you think, preorder now or wait for a US limited edition release? =\
8 years ago#9
Nevermind. I bought it anyway.
I think we could all agree, it's a bad time to be the wallet of a DJ Max fan.
8 years ago#10
lmao^ so true. I'm thinking of just getting the normal trilogy package, blacksquare and fever....AND a new psp. thats $350. if wrost comes to worst ill just get a used psp 2000 with fever and trilogy. thats about $250.
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