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User Info: meirus

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know a trustworthy site that I could use to buy this online? I'm looking for the cheapest price I can if I can help it.

For that matter though, I also don't have clazziquai edition. If someone could tell me where I could buy the double pack with both black square and Clazziquai, that'd be even better.

User Info: Vysion_of_books

5 years ago#2
Try this post. Both sites in it are good if they still have it.

Also Amazon may have it and is reputable.
-Vysion_of_books, vision with one i

User Info: musicgamesalot

5 years ago#3
Amazon has Clazziquai for the cheapest...

Ebay has a seller in Korea that has both and DJ Max Trilogy. I purchased all three that way, took two weeks to arrive but was all legit and worked.

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