Has anyone her found any real information about this game?

#1Jeffmaz2001Posted 11/4/2009 5:23:00 PM
I remember playing Empire on both my old DOS PC and on earlier systems. I loved the game and played regularly at work while I waited for programs to compile. It was easy to leave and return to since it was turn-based and I played a state-driven game on it. I miss it very much.

Now I see the possibility that this great old-time strategic game will be coming to the DS, but I have been unable to find any reviews, previews, or discussions as to what it is like. The best I have been able to do so far is to find short one-line blurbs on sites like Amazon.com that give tantalizing hints that, yes indeed, this is what I want, I want more in-depth info.

Is indeed a "true" game of empire?

Is it only you against the CPU as the old games were, or is there the possibility of more players and more options?

Are all battle maps randomly created like the old games? How big are they?
Is there an option for wifi play?

Have the developers put in "enhancements" that will untimately detract from the original game concept? I can handle colors and graphics instead of ACSII characters, but many more enhancements would ruin the game, I am afraid.

Is anyone else excited about this game?