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#1CodemakuraPosted 8/3/2009 10:26:59 PM
I just got through submitting a formal email to Sony, regarding Trash Panic's notorious difficulty, I don't wanna sound like a hater, because in reality I really do love Trash Panic, I think it's a brilliant concept that is hurt by a difficulty which is above and beyond the capabilities of your average gamer.

Between the unpredictable physics engine, combine with the fact when playing everything has to "literally" fall in the right place sometimes to win. I think you know taking some of the item load off the player could definitely make the game feel much more fair.

On top of all that, no saving between theses insanely challenging stages, I've been playing through HELL difficulty, and I've literally had my system running for days, so I won't lose the progress I've made. I can't help but feel this must be pretty hard on my system on top of everything.

Any way so I sent off an email, so at least I feel like I tried and hopefully someone at Sony will stop this bloodshed and at the very least patch in saving between stages or something x_x' So has anyone else sent emails regarding this to Sony. I figure a patch to fine tune the game's difficulty, or saving would definitely come as a wave of relief to the community x_x;
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There's nothing wrong with the game. It doesn't need patching. The difficulty is above average but hardly "above and beyond the capabilities of your average gamer". People just have no patience these days. If it was easier it wouldn't be as much fun.
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Um... I think you missed the "I've had my system running for days" part x_x' No game should require you to leave a system on for like 48 hours straight because you might lose your progress....if you ask me something is wrong in that instance. There's no reason not to have it, all this is doing is causing unnecessary wear running the system constantly, and locking it up on one game.

It was a long weekend figured I'd tackle me some Trash Panic Hell mode, that was Sunday Morning and today is Tuesday 5am, and I'm still only on Stage 3, and I've been playing nearly constant x_x' I think I've got ample patience for any reasonable task. But the fact that the game often requires additional runs, over and over until things fall/work out just right, or having one item smash funny can screw up the stage is kind of on the line of fault.
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rar, any ways no worries, I guess I'll keep at it -- but honestly since June playing it pretty regular, the game strikes me as flawed, but brilliant and addictive, it just feels like with some tweaking and fine tuning that they could really have something great going, possibly pulling more players in, and taking the edge off for people still fighting with it x_x' I'm not saying make it stupid-easy but they could definitely change it up a bit to make it feel a little less daunting at times.
#5SpaycGPosted 8/4/2009 7:16:33 AM
I think I have to agree here.
I don't have a lot of time to play games, let alone devote hours to one play-through.
I struggled to beat Main Dish, and was only able to do it after 75 continues, I would say 70 of them were stage 6 alone.

I found most of my failures were due to floating objects/debris not falling and blocking others and my biggest pet peeve: broken pieces suddenly become rubber and bounce something right out of the can.

I love the game, it is very addictive, but I can't help but feel if they intend to go the DLC route, they will have to re-balance the game for casual gamers such as myself or risk losing customers for it. Or at a minimum, allow saving between stages.
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#6harholPosted 8/4/2009 9:28:23 AM
The OP is talking about Hell mode which, as the name suggests, is designed to be extremely challenging. I couldn't do God of War on Titan Mode or Devil May Cry on Dante Must Die, but I didn't feel the need to write an e-mail to the publisher. I just gave up, moved on and found something else to play.

Maincourse required 75 continues you say? Well even if each attempt lasted three minutes, that's still less than four hours play time. Honestly I think people are overreacting. Do you really want the game to be over and done with in a matter of minutes? There are three difficulty levels which are designed to suit the needs of all gamers.

There are a few niggles with the physics engine, but that's because it's a physics engine. Just search YouTube for "physics glitch" and there are thousands of videos. Trash Panic uses Havok, which is the industry standard, so I doubt there's much room for improvement even if they wanted to patch it. The glitches you mention aren't that common anyway.

OP, if you're really that stuck, I'd suggest watching some YouTube videos.
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The difference is though between Dante must Die and this is most of the Trash Panic's content is only achieved via beating the hardest difficulty (multiple times even, although I hear the challenge is less so each time what with the new cans). Also you can save in Dante must Die, they don't expect you to beat the game in one sitting, although honestly I'd consider beating all of DMC3 in on sitting more possible then this x_x' But there definitely is a feeling of emptiness that comes out of realization most of the game's content is locked away in the depths of Hell mode, but it could just be because for years I've been a completionist.

Also DMC3 is a funny example since they actually did re-release it with rebalanced game play x_x; I mean with DMD it's a small fraction of the game, there's a lot of other things to do, with Trash Panic your talking 1/3 of the game pretty much.

I'm not saying it's impossible, I mean I've made it to Stage 5 in Hell, Blue Trashcan so far, with the PS3 going on it's 3rd day running, it's doable but only with continuous practice. I think 48+ hours of continuous play is beyond the typical person's patience though, or even how much time they should be asking of a person in one sitting. Which to me was worthy of writing them a quick letter telling them my opinion, that with a few small tweaks the game could be far more user friendly and make Hell mode perhaps more completable, without feeling like your going to wear out your PS3.

The physics engine isn't necessarily that glitchy or anything extreme like that, it does yes have rare moments where it'll launch stuff, or have stuff spin from what seems like pinching/clipping with other items x_x' But it's more so an issue with common things like small pieces of scrap absorbing the smash force between two items. Or when items slide unexpectedly through gaps, because of the trashcan having an unseen width. Although this did actually help me beat Stage 2 Hell, it's something that can only be attributed to luck sadly. Which well, when your talking in the hundreds of attempts to complete stages, luck turns out to be a decent sized factor, which isn't exactly a good quality.

Basically what I'm getting at is for a system that isn't always going to be perfect, that relies on luck at times with the pieces just landing right, they perhaps shouldn't have such high expectations of the player. Lowering it a little I don't think anyone would have big issues with, it's already an amply tough game, for example I really don't feel the boss count downs where that necessary, it's already a big piece of crap in your way, why make you bust it in 5+ seconds x_x; and then instantly ruin your round if you fail to do so? But more so I really feel a save system is something that could be patched in, make a huge difference, without having to touch any other qualities of the game, such as it's challenge level.
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It's funny because I was able to play and complete DMC 3 and 4 on DMD mode.

I realize TC was referring to Hell Mode, which reinforces my point, with no save abilities Hell Mode is simply unplayable for me in the time I have. And frankly, with the trouble I have had with Main Dish, there is little point in even beginning a Hell run.
No, I don't want it to be over in "a matter of minutes", but 4 hours straight is too long for me, I have things that need to be done.
Again, this can be fixed by adding a save feature.

Point taken on havoc, and I can adjust to it's quirks.

Let me state again for the record, I love this game. It is innovative, addictive and fun, but also maddening at times.
I'm not ready to start emailing people over it, but the issue was raised and I share a majority of TC's opinions.
Crying about it on a message board is about as far as I am willing to go, it was only $5 after all.

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#10Codemakura(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2009 3:15:30 PM
Yeah true a big DMC fan myself, greatly enjoyed and completely played DMC1&3 x_x; DMC2 is a big pass, from me -- I haven't looked into DMC4 myself, it just didn't strike me as having the same punch that DMC3 had.

Honestly the email was pretty brief, more then anything else I'm interested in there reasoning or logic, behind it. Honestly I wouldn't expect an email to change anything any ways, lol, but at least this way I feel like I had my say.

I had trouble on Main Dish too, it definitely took me 4+ hours to complete original, and then second time I did it took about the same. Honestly I think I'm managed to get as far as I have on Hell through pure endurance and luck, and maybe a small fraction of actual skill x_x; But yeah if it wasn't got having several days off in a row, I wouldn't have the time probably for months after to tackle this. Physics, Difficulty, and everything, I think there's still no logical reason for saving -- if anything that alone would make the game far more managable, even with all my other nitpicks.

Seriously tough love though, I really do love the game, and that's the reason why I've even bothered, I wanna get the most out of it after all, but I'll never tackle Hell with the blue trashcan again after this x_x;; In fact might stick to Main and Sweets for awhile after this, unless I finish this up unrealistically fast tonight x_x'