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7 years ago#1
Is this going to be a quality stick worth the extra hundred bucks or should I just stick with my Street Fighter fight stick?
7 years ago#2
It looks like Hori is trying to do with Tekken 6 what Mad Catz did with their Tournament Edition fightstick and Street Fighter 4. The wireless thing totally put me off from it though and I don't like the button layout and placement.
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7 years ago#3
this stick is WIRELESS, which make it more conventient and different from other joysticks.

we don't know the quality of the stick yet, but since it is a HORI, I guess that it should be similar to the DOA joystick.
7 years ago#4

What I'm wondering is if this stick will have Sanwa parts or not.

7 years ago#5
The stick is made by HORI which makes it exponentially a better stick than the madcatz SF4. The quality is good and I believe they use arcade parts. The main difference is that it is a lot harder to mod because you would need to soder to exchange parts but with that said my friends has yet to break and he's still using the DOA one.

My question is if there is a way to get the stick by itself.
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7 years ago#6
Newer Hori's are quick disconnects. Since the stick by itself is an $80 <taking into account that the game is 60 and the artbook is 10> Then expect the stick and the button's to be Hori brand. Not Sanwa or Seimetsu... and especially not for $80.

It will be tons better than the Mad Catz Fightstick SE, but nowhere near the quality of a Fightstick TE. Everyone and their momma had a TE at Devastation 2009. SE is trash unless modded with a Sanwa Stick and Sanwa buttons.

Anyone that knows anything about sticks know that $80 for just a well built box with a great PCB and nice wiring work is worth $80 unto itself. especially if you don't want to build one yourself.

So $80 for an arcade stick with quick disconnects and crappy buttons is well worth the price. Sanwa sticks run around $25 and buttons go for $2.50-$3.00 a piece... at the minimum you'll only need 4 for Tekken and 6 for other fighting games.

so with the box, stick and the buttons, and the shipping cost for the replacement parts.. you're looking at around $130. That's a killer deal seeing as how well built boxes with awesome wiring work full arcade grade buttons start at around $200.

And for people who think that it being wireless will make it lag... you have more latency on your television set displaying pictures than the latency you get from wireless controllers. If you're T.V. set has 8ms or lower latency (which it should tell you on the box you purchased) then you won't notice anything.

I've had input lag from wired arcade sticks that had crappy PCBs or shoddy wiring.
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7 years ago#7
To call the SE trash without sanwa/seimitsus is quite harsh. It works perfectly fine out of the box for the casual player. They'll never know the difference if they've never touched a sanwa. The SE parts ARE madcatz knockoffs, but they're of decent quality nonetheless.
7 years ago#8

I'll most likely end up just ordering some Sanwa parts and make a wireless stick since I've got a 3rd controller lying around doing nothing.

7 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#10
Well I guess mine was just trash. In less than a week 5 of the buttons stopped registering . The washer on the stick was loose on arrival making my stick get stuck on the right position. The screws were stripped and my actual stick fell through the box.

The actual PCB and wiring for the Mad Catz SE was pretty good. The buttons and actual stick left a really bad impression on me. I guess the first batch was just bad.
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