Accessory / Weapon Location Guide

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I would like to have everyone who can help post their found item locations and each item's purpose here if possible so they can be compiled into a nice, useful guide. If anyone can contribute exact locations, that would be really helpful. I know mine are a bit vague, but I wasn't really paying attention as I was going. These can start us off. THANKS!


Galen - Level 1 - Virtue (Passive Acc.) - Adds to max HP as it is leveled up. Very important to get early. Not sure exactly where I got it in level 1, but it's a real small level and shouldn't be hard to find. Can anyone let me know?

Galen - Hell Second (Multi) - Soul Drain (Passive Acc.) - Increases orbs absorbed as it is leveled. Extremely useful, get as soon as possible to ease grinding. Simply beat this multiplayer map to receive the accessory.

Galen - Final Boss - The Void (Paired Active Acc.) - Creates a black hole to suck in many enemies at a time, very powerful. Length of time active increases with level. Must be used with Dimensional Freeze equipped. Received on finishing the game with Galen.


Galen - Interior of Orphea Castle - Costume Color - Just after the hallway where you must run from the quickly approaching darkness turn left. Go up the side area and fight the three wizards when you get trapped. After you finish, look down the dead end hallway, kill that one guy and claim your reward.
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Great idea, I'll check back with mine after work...
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bump cause you guys should participate. Please?
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I'll contribute when/ if I pick up the game within the next week or so.

I went back to N3 1 yesterday to compare it to the demo for this game, and I was trying to find/ unlock the last few items/ weapons I needed, but when I checked the FAQs for that game - they were WAY off and I clearly remember there were a few good topics back in the day that were much more specific and not full of errors like the FAQs were/are. I can't believe no one has submitted an updated/ fixed FAQ for that game in all these years.

If this topic or a topic like it, ends up providing 100% accurate and easy to understand details for item/ weapon unlocking and finding - then I think one of us should volunteer to compile it and submit it to the FAQ section so that this game doesn't suffer the same fate as the last one in terms of inaccurate/ confusing FAQ availability, and helpful sticky topics that get deleted over time.
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Levv - Crystal Cave - Lightning Bolt (Active Acc.) - Shoots lightning from the user. The ball/s act as chain lightning, spreading from enemy to enemy as it damages the previous one. Right before the falling rock segment there will be a gold wizard that spawns on the left in between six generators. Kill him to obtain.

Levv - Interior of Orphea Castle - Mana Regeneration (Passive Acc.) - Regenerates Orb Gauge over time. Found on the top left most platform in the next to final room. The room has one black/purple giant in it.

Levv - Final Boss - Berserk (Active Acc.) - Attack power increases greatly when helth is less than half. Cannot heal while Berserk is active. Finish the game with Levv.

Levv - Fort Seratem - Costume Color (Red/Black/White) - Head left and follow the path all the way around destroying the poison sacs as you go.You will come to a hallway with fliers, either destroy the sac or leap over the gates with your personal action.Keep heading forward until you see the final room to your left (Galen finished his mission up those steps). You want to go into the broken wall and drop down until you hit the floor section right before the bottom. If you miss it just jump back up. Defeat the floating creature to obtain the costume color.

Levv - Interior of Orphea Castle - Costume Color (White/Gold) - Just before you head into the royal chamber go up the center steps and down the right side to a group of beholder type creatures. Kill all of them, one holds the costume color.
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Hey, just wanted to stop by and say thanks very much to the people that stopped by! I really appreciate it. I have no problem putting together a document as long as the integrity of it is 100% accurate. If we can keep going like we did today, it should be a no-brainer to get this posted as a FAQ.

Thanks again guys. Keep enjoying the game and let's shoot for 100%.
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Cool idea. I'll start keeping track of all the accessories I get and make sure I post them here.
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Levv - Weapon (Wrath of the Alcor) - Finish the three online race stages. Says it enhances stats when the wielder reaches max level. (Lv. 10) The weapon also comes already at level 10.
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Thanks Unsho! I will have some more to add soon as well. Playing as Sephia now.
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"Galen - Level 1 - Virtue (Passive Acc.) - Adds to max HP as it is leveled up. Very important to get early. Not sure exactly where I got it in level 1, but it's a real small level and shouldn't be hard to find. Can anyone let me know?"

It's in the very first stage of the game to the right, next to the second set of ambushers.
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