Sephia Accessory/Weapon/Costume List

#1ahh_boiPosted 7/8/2010 5:35:32 PM
Orphea Dungeons

Magic Empower
on the center-left room you have to use about 4 or 5 character actions

on the center-rightmost room, where you have to move the switches to get light into various doors, the one that takes you down in the map

Costume Color

Graceful feather (Weapon)
beat stage

Holy Mountain

Wind Slash
lower right, defeat gold soldier

In the room where you do Defeat the Summoners, just before exiting the corridors at the topish left room.

Paradigm Shift
Top Middle

Costume Color
Continue going straight from where you get wind slash, use special action and defeat the black eyeball floating creature.

Cavern of Queens

Wing of valor (Weapon)
top left, have to activate the stones to unlock the door then move the stone so that the beam of light travels up the wall, once you go through the door you unlocked and head up move the statues so that the light hits the new door, confused? It's easier than it sounds.

Melee mastery
when you get to the room at the very end before finishing the first trial, position the light so that you open the doors, when you go through you'll eventually come across a gold knight, this would be the top most door (North)

Endure elemental
same room as mentioned above, only this one is at the bottom, make sure that you have the light going up the wall into the other room. It's the far right after entering the room of the three doors.

Change life
Can't miss it, in a box directly in front of you as you run to the last room in the final trial

Prism Ray
(Got for completing)

Sacred Ray
(Got for completing)

Twilight Wastelands

Max Magic
just below the very top middle, go around to the other side, kill the wizard and aim at the blue fire, once extinquished run around and jump up to the chest

Damage barrier
From the gold wizard in the middle of the map

(Got for completing)

Costume Color
Lower Middle right, go up instead of going down to the lowest right level


(Got for completing)

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Ok, so where in the Orphea Dungeons is the Costume Color?
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How do you get Sephie's black & gold costume colors? I've tried following what the information here says, but it's just not clear enough. To get her black costume you are at Holy Mountain, it says go forward from where you get "wind slash" well... I'm not sure if I'm going the wrong place or not, but to go forward would be to use Zazi's special character action and I'm obviously not playing Zazi.. so what to do? Okay, so then it says use your special character to kill the floating eye ball thing. Well, there is some sort of floating thing that curses you and stops you from using any of your skills, I've tried killing it with my Sephie's special power but it doesn't give me any sort of costume after....

And for her cold costume, the person says "Lower middle right, go up instead of going down" omg, k seriously I have no idea which middle this person is talking about. The Twilight Wasteland is so confusing. Does anyone have a picture of a map of the twilight wasteland and circle the spot where this costume is at?

Thank you...
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I just got the costume you're looking for, Taesungy.

At the very bottom of the map, there's a sort of U shape, and it's in the top right part of that U shape. There's a ton of ghosts in that spot and one of them has the costume. :)
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Oop, forgot to clarify this was on the Twilight Wastelands level.
#6TaesungyPosted 7/9/2010 7:46:23 PM
Thanks Lady Siara! I found it just recently too. :D
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Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
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#8SaintValiancePosted 7/23/2010 12:10:52 PM
I have no idea how to get the Costume in Holy Mountain. I try hitting the switch across the gap with my gust, but it doesn't do anything when it connects. I'm at a loss.
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#9Lord_KayPosted 7/23/2010 1:31:52 PM
SaintValiance, you need to play Zazi first and hit the switch with her,then Sephia can get there.