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Can someone tell me the name of this song? (Archived)Way2fonky32/13/2012
Is it me or does Skelter Helter.... (Archived)RocketKnighter52/12/2012
What's Travis planning to do with... (Warning: Major Spoilers) (Archived)KingCrInuYasha42/9/2012
Region Differences 2 (Archived)Asthreon31/13/2012
I was really expecting to fight 50 assassins (Archived)youngbro412/26/2011
I want to get "No More Heroes" tatooed (Archived)PrisonChile912/18/2011
Getting three BARs for the first time. (Archived)Tombawocxer512/18/2011
Create an assasin (detailed) (Archived)Letzshake2000212/14/2011
The nightmare is finally over (Archived)MegamanRockX2311/20/2011
Can I get by with only a level 3 muscle training? (Archived)Vide0GameCzar211/17/2011
Where is that thread... (Archived)LegendaryUman211/9/2011
The only thing that annoys me is.... (Archived)MegamanRockX2611/6/2011
Just realized that Margaret's voice actress is also Twilight Sparkles' VA. (Archived)Azardea311/5/2011
No More Heroes announcement slated 2012 (Archived)
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I played the first game. Does the sequel improve upon it, is the game any good? (Archived)vague_bonds710/27/2011
NM3 should have... (Archived)yuan713310/26/2011
Idea for a NMH boss (Archived)yuan713210/23/2011
Does anyone know how/where to get a sound rip... (Archived)oMaJoJ210/17/2011
About the peep show sting... (Archived)Xavier_On_High310/16/2011
Just a Curiosity (Archived)prog1thefencer610/15/2011
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