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The Red Zone edition of this game is nearly pornographic!! What have they done?! (Archived)l_Zelkova_l38/3/2011
Surf in santa destroy Tabs (very first one =D) (Archived)muwkka17/21/2011
Soooo um new grasshopper game coming :D (Archived)SuperPunx6457/20/2011
Worst time for the game to freeze!(May contain spoilers) (Archived)Gamenamebully27/20/2011
I kinda wish Travis had gotten to use that blaster. (Archived)darkbuster17/16/2011
Favourite Boss / Least Favourite Boss (Archived)Metaknighter47/13/2011
Why do some people like the first on better? (Archived)
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I never played the first would I enjoy this? (Archived)sixletscandy27/9/2011
Where was this song used? (Archived)Z_Oblivion46/30/2011
With BluRay on Wii U, there should be enough space for the NMH 1.5 movie (Archived)PedroMontana56/30/2011
NO MORE HEROES 3 CONFIRMED BY suda HIMSELF !!! (Archived)Orochi_Ganon106/29/2011
CLASH replay (Archived)Henry_Homerun66/29/2011
They should've made mortal kombat for the wii (Archived)Big_Boss143226/28/2011
Hopper's Edition Save (Archived)Jonny_Tanna36/25/2011
Since the Wii U was announced...(You know where this is going) (Archived)SuperPunx6456/23/2011
Can you Pause Cutscenes? (Archived)Spike2136/8/2011
Ideas for No More Heroes 3? (Spoilers) (Archived)
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The family video in my town doesn't have this or NMH1. :'( (Archived)Fanch23425/27/2011
anyway to exit rank battle stages? (Archived)southStarFist25/26/2011
Question between 1 and 2 (Archived)Rykazekai35/24/2011
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